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Laboratory Analyst



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A brief description that summarizes the overall purpose and objectives of the position, the results the worker is expected to accomplish and the degree of freedom to act.

The PBI laboratory analyst is responsible for performing a wide array of chemical and physical analyses on intermediate and final Pbi products, reporting results to plant supervision, maintaining databases of test results, and executing non-routine analyses as necessary to support new product development activities and other duties as assigned..

Essential Functions
The tasks, duties and responsibilities of the position that are most important to get the job done.

The laboratory analyst is responsible for completing the following key activities: executing routine analyses of polymer, dope, as-spun and staple products; documenting details of analyses, recording results in databases, and reporting results to supervision; performing routine maintenance and calibrations on laboratory instrumentation; monitoring quantities of reagents and lab supplies on hand, and ensuring orders are placed to restock supplies when necessary; conducting special or non-routine analyses when requested, to support quality incident investigations or new product development activities. The laboratory analyst is responsible for ensuring that all of his/her activities are performed safely, to protect themselves and the environment.

Nonessential functions
The desirable, but not necessary, aspects of the job.

Knowledge, skills and abilities
The specific minimum competencies required for job performance.

The ideal candidate must have a BS from an accredited four year university (preferably a BS in Chemistry). Additionally, an understanding of chemical and physical analytical equipment and laboratory techniques. Key skills include the ability to safely work with chemical reagents, accurately measure quantities of materials, operate a wide variety of laboratory instrumentation, and perform calculations necessary to derive results. Other necessary qualifications include: strong computer skills (including but not limited to: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook and various other programs), a problem solving, innovative and self-motivated approach to the job.

Supervisory responsibilities
The scope of the person's authority, including a list of jobs that report to the incumbent.
The laboratory analyst position does not include supervisory responsibilities.

Working conditions
The environment in which the job is performed, especially any unique conditions outside a normal office environment.

The job requirements dictate that the laboratory analyst spends the majority of his/her time in the Pbi plant laboratories, working on his/her feet, and frequently wearing PPE necessary to perform the work safely. The remainder of their work is performed in a normal office environment.

Minimum qualifications
The minimum level of education and experience required to perform the job.

The minimum education requirement for the Pbi laboratory analyst position is a BS from a four year accredited University (desired a degree in Chemistry).

Success factors
Personal characteristics that contribute to an individual's ability to excel on the job.

Personal characteristics that will help a Pbi laboratory analyst excel in this job include: ability to work effectively in a structured environment; an innovative and self-motivated approach to the job; flexibility and willingness to accept new challenges and opportunities.

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