you can count on it when it matters most...

PROTECTION. COMFORT. DURABILITY. Those are the reasons why PBI-blended fabrics have been the preferred choice of active fire departments across the Americas and around the world for over 30 years. 

Since their introduction in 1984, PBI-blended fabrics have been proven in the field, protecting firefighters as an automatic back-up in a worst-case situation. Consider it firefighter insurance: better to have and not need than to need and not have. 


PBI Performance Products has long partnered with premier turnout gear and protective apparel manufacturers to provide the ultimate in PPE protection for firefighters, first responders, soldiers, industrial and petrochemical workers.


Today, PBI blended fabrics hold leading market shares in North-America, Great Britain, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. 100% made in USA is important to us. Every single strand of PBI fiber is manufactured in our plant in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Our headquarters are located in Charlotte, North Carolina with global sales offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Asia.


PBI Performance Products is a wholly owned business of The InterTech Group Inc. located in North Charleston, South Carolina.

The decomposition temperature at which PBI starts to degrade is 1300°F, far exceeding Nomex and Kevlar blends, thus offering superior break-open and thermal protection.


Be aware of the difference between 100% MADE IN USA and MADE IN USA with foreign components. Every strand of PBI fiber is made in our manufacturing plant in Rock Hill, SC, unlike PBO fabrics that, while advertised as MADE IN USA, contain PBO fibers that are made by Toyobo in Osaka, Japan.


PBI-blended fabrics offer the maximum flame resistance in lightweight outer shells.



​PBI Performance Products, Inc. has never used Perfluorooctanoic acid, also known as PFOA or “C8”, in the manufacture of Polybenzimidazole (PBI). PFOA is not contained in any form of PBI, including textile fibers.


More firefighters in North America are protected by PBI fabrics than any other fabrics.